Gamification and e-learning Part 3: The podcast!

We recently had to record a podcast as part of my MA studies. Considering I’ve already spent a bit of time thinking about gamification I decided to delve a little deeper into the subject during the podcast and have included it here. The rest of this post discusses the  trials and tribulations of the podcast recording process.

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Gamification and e-learning: Part 2


Dungeons and Dragons: a fun theme for teaching probability

One of the fantastic things about current software development trends is the increased accessibility and variety of business models available. This movement has facilitated a fantastic DIY attitude towards game development as video game engines and development tools are becoming much more approachable and affordable. This allows individual creators to create complex products with much fewer barriers to entry, fuelling a creative, competitive and sometimes lucrative indie development scene. My previous blog post, combined with some recent tweets from classmates, reminded me of a low-fi, e-learning game prototype I put together using a program called Twine a few years ago.

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