The EdTech Podcast and BETT 2017


Looking for a recap of BETT 2017, I stumbled across The Edtech Podcast.
I am a heavy podcast listener in my personal life. Audio content delivery, whether by radio or podcasting, is a surprisingly durable medium as it allows multi-tasking media consumption with a narrower scope of production issues compared to video for instance; proven by the fact that I am listening to a podcast as I produce this blog!

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Distance, Collaboration and Teamwork


The collaborative project has now progressed to outlining individual responsibilites and draft work. I have volunteered to do design work while others have split into writing for different tasks and editing. I have returned to Adobe InDesign and uploaded sample designs for comment. Google Drive has proven useful for organising our files but has shown some deficiencies in communication and collaboration on what I would consider a standard file format.

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Design and Online Advertising


As part of our collaborative instructional design project, our group had to choose an app or other program to write instructions for. We had a few suggestions but it came down to a discussion between Spotify and Netflix. I voted for Netflix as it has a much more compartmentalised and clean user interface (UI) than the free version of Spotify on desktop and provided some screenshots to aid my point. Comparing the UI design of both brought the design constraints of including advertising into sharp relief. Continue reading